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Terms and Conditions (GTC) to participate in the Dragon Sport affiliate program

1. Scope / Definitions

1.1. The following terms and conditions are part of each contract between the Dragon Sport Sporting Vertriebs GmbH, Industriestraße 4, 46359 Heiden, Germany (hereinafter referred to as Dragon Sport) and the contractor.

1.2. Dragon Sport provides its services, services and supplies to Partners solely on the basis of these Partner Terms and Conditions. Dragon Sport is, moreover, entitled to transfer the provision of services or parts thereof to third-party service providers or vicarious agents for independent completion.

1.3. The validity of these Partner Terms and Conditions extends to all Dragon Sport services offered to Partners. The Partner acknowledges that the use of the services of Dragon Sport these Terms and Conditions for partners as binding for him.

1.4. The services to be provided by Dragon Sport for the performance of the contract (such as the provision of advertising material, virtual account management) are free of charge. For changes on the sides of the partners (for example integration of the advertising means) the partner is responsible.

1.5. The following definitions apply to the application and interpretation of the contract:

A partner is a natural or legal person, owner or operator of digital media (websites, e-mails, SMS, MMS, etc.) who provides Dragon Sport with linked advertising space.

Dragon Sport
Dragon Sport uses its affiliate program network to broadcast advertisements on digital media from partners. Dragon Sport concludes framework agreements with these parties, provides the technical infrastructure and logs the mediated services.

contracting party
Dragon Sport's contract partners are the partners.

Advertising Materials
Any form of advertising material (such as banners, texts, flash animations, etc.) provided by Dragon Sport for promotional purposes.

advertising platform
A digital medium (advertising broadcaster) deposited as an advertising platform in the Dragon Sport online system, such as a website, a defined newsletter distributor, a mobile website or similar. on which one partner integrates promotional materials from Dragon Sport affiliate programs on one or more digital billboards.

2. Conclusion of contract and participation

2.1. Dragon Sport offers advertising material on its online portal. The partner can apply for our affiliate program.

2.2. The contract is concluded between Dragon Sport and the partner itself. In certain cases, Dragon Sport may provide additional terms to participate in a Partner Program. These conditions are then in addition to these terms and conditions for partners.

2.3. Partners in Dragon Sport can only become legal entities as well as unlimited natural persons. There is no right to participate.

2.4. Dragon Sport may request the presentation of a valid proof of identity from the Partner.

2.5. If the employee of a legal entity announces this as a partner, then it requires the presentation of a written power of attorney. The same applies if another third party (for example an agency) registers a partner on its behalf.

2.6. A contract is only concluded when Dragon Sport confirms the registration of the partner.

2.7. When registering, the partner must provide the required information completely and truthfully. The partner has to implement changes immediately, but at the latest within two weeks after the change, independently in the online system of Dragon Sport. Changes in the contractual partnership, for example, by renaming, takeover, relocation, etc., the partner has to report in writing to Dragon Sport.

2.8. Partner agrees to receive emails through Dragon Sport. If the partner contradicts the receipt of such e-mails, then it is an implied termination of the contract.

2.9. The Partner undertakes to comply with applicable laws. Only advertising platforms whose content does not violate the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany and the good manners may be registered. Dragon Sport is authorized to examine the partner's advertising platforms for its content and, if necessary, to switch it off. The investigation can also be done by technical means.

2.10. Affiliate warrants that it will not store or transfer any data that could damage Dragon Sport's technical infrastructure and operations (such as viruses, Trojans, etc.).

2.11. Dragon Sport is free to act as a partner.

2.12. Dragon Sport can advertise with the partner as a reference by using the respective name and logo in all media.

3. Conduct obligations

3.1. The Affiliate may only participate in the affiliate program with advertising platforms whose rights it has. If registered advertising platforms are registered with a third party, the partner must provide a corresponding proof of eligibility to Dragon Sport upon request.

3.2. The Partner will be banned from using Dragon Sport's promotional materials and URLs in emails. The unsolicited sending of emails justifies a violation of the German competition law and may result in individual warnings by the recipient, competitors or consumer protection associations. The partner is therefore prohibited to send unsolicited e-mails to third parties (spam) and to use the advertising material and URL codes provided by Dragon Sport in such e-mails.

3.3. The use of the provided advertising material and URL codes in e-mails is therefore only permitted if the recipients have previously expressly and verifiably accepted the receipt of the e-mails ("double opt-in" procedure) and the e-mails are legally valid Imprint.

3.4. Upon specific request from Dragon Sport, the Partner is required to provide any substantiated double-opt-in evidence within 48 hours. Otherwise, Dragon Sport has a special termination right gem. §10.7.

3.5. The automatic generation of views, clicks, leads or sales by means of technical devices (also computer programs) as well as deliberate or fraudulent deception is inadmissible. Such unlawfully earned compensation claims are subsequently canceled by Dragon Sport.

3.6. The Affiliate agrees not to use any methods that Dragon Sport commissioned cookie cookies provide to the end user without any advertising contact (View or Click) without the written permission of Dragon Sport.

3.7. The Partner undertakes to design his website including all entries in search engines, directories or link lists of third parties so that only valid clicks, leads and sales are generated.

3.8. Furthermore, the Partner undertakes to design its website in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations, in particular consumer law.

3.9. In addition, the Partner undertakes to refrain from violence, sexual or pornographic content or discriminatory statements or representations regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

3.10. If the Affiliate does not promote Dragon Sport's affiliate programs through its own reach but through its own or third-party advertising network, it commits itself to the rules and policies of the Dragon Sport Network and its affiliates with respect to the advertising practices used in the Promotional Network ensure program-specific terms of participation. The Affiliate also agrees to provide the information required by the Dragon Sport Network. In case of violations, the partner is fully liable.

4. Advertising material

4.1. A change in the advertising and tracking codes generated from the system is not permitted.
Exemptions can be made in individual cases in writing with Dragon Sport. The promotional materials provided by Dragon Sport may not be altered or otherwise edited without coordination in design or content. The placement and frequency of engagement may be at the Partner's discretion.

4.2. In addition, the Partner is not permitted to use protected trademarks or other rights in any way, as far as Dragon Sport has explicitly excluded this from the terms of participation of the respective Affiliate Program.

4.3. The Partner undertakes to integrate the advertising material provided to him only on the advertising platform specified by him and not to pass it on to third parties. In addition, he must use the advertising material only in connection with participation in the affiliate program.

4.4. The partner Dragon Sport informs about content-related or technical changes on its digital advertising space beyond what is expected on conclusion of the contract. The Partner assures that in this case no further advertising will be shown on the advertising space without prior agreement.

4.5. The Affiliate undertakes not to place the advertising material provided in a context that could discernably counteract the commercial interests of Dragon Sport.

4.6. The partner is obliged to remove the advertising media from his advertising space in the event of termination, blocking or the expiration of a time limit or in comparable cases. If he does not remove the advertising material or if the advertising material is no longer available, it will automatically be replaced by advertising material from Dragon Sport.

4.7. The information obtained through the transmission of advertising material may only be used by the partner in connection with Dragon Sport's affiliate programs. It is expressly forbidden to pass this information on to third parties or to use for other purposes. The partner is responsible for the correct integration of the advertising material. Dragon Sport assumes no liability for the resulting disadvantages arising from incorrect integration.

5. Remuneration

5.1. The Partner is entitled to a compensation claim against Dragon Sport on the basis of the respective agreements on the advertising programs. The Affiliate has a virtual account (debit account) with Dragon Sport for caching and visual processing of the wages. Existing credits are not interest-bearing. A claim for compensation exists only as long as the account has a credit balance, which is controlled by Dragon Sport within the framework of the technically possible. Unless explicitly stated in the presentation, net amounts are always displayed.

5.2. The terms and conditions of the affiliate program's compensation will be posted on Dragon Sport's website. In the event of a condition change, Dragon Sport will notify the Partner at least 48 hours prior to its entry into force. If there is an important factual reason, this period may be shortened in certain individual cases.

5.3. Dragon Sport is entitled to suspend or pause a partner program advertised by the Partner at any time without giving reasons.

5.4. The compensation can be made on the basis of the following events, which can also be combined. All views, clicks, leads and sales are logged and verified on the basis of the Dragon Sport transaction system as far as possible. Leads and sales are according to the respective partner program configuration u.a. recorded by cookie and / or session tracking.

Pay per View: The view is remunerated when a partner places, links and displays one or more provided advertising material of a partner program on its advertising platform and for this purpose a corresponding remuneration is provided for in the respective compensation model of the affiliate program. A view is valid when a user calls the advertising platform of a partner on which the advertising material is visibly integrated at any point. Views for advertising material generated on advertising platforms that are not registered in the Dragon Sport network are considered invalid. Likewise, repeated or in a short time successive inserts of one and the same advertising means for the same user (user / IP) are considered invalid.

Pay per Click: Each time you click on a provided advertising material and the resulting visit to its page, the partner is credited with a sum defined in the compensation model of the respective partner program. A click is valid if a user (user / IP) voluntarily and consciously clicks on an available advertising material on the advertising space of the partner. Clicks are not remunerated on advertising media that are generated on advertising platforms that are not registered in the Dragon Sport network, as well as repeated or, in a short time, consecutive advertising material clicks on the same advertising material by the same user (user / IP) or clicks generated by similar procedures be generated. Advertising material clicks that are associated with a forced action (forced clicks) are not permitted without explicit approval and are not valid.

Pay per Lead: A lead is a user action defined in the compensation model of the respective partner program (eg: newsletter registration, registration, contact recording). A lead is remunerated when a user completely and permanently executes the user action defined on the affiliate program after an ad click on the advertised digital media (e.g., not immediate revocation of the newsletter order).

Pay per Sale: A sale is the conclusion of a contract by a user of the medium offered by the partner on the use of payable goods or pay services. A sale is valid if a user effectively concludes a contract for a fee-based service after a click on the advertised digital medium and a corresponding remuneration is provided for in the compensation model of the respective partner program.

5.5. The claim of the partners towards Dragon Sport on the performance-related remuneration arises and is due under the following conditions:

    It has come to a successful event (View, Click, Lead, Sale) due to the advertising space provided by the partner Dragon Sport.
    As part of the respective partner program, a commission is planned for this event.
    The event has been successfully logged by Dragon Sport.
    There is no fraud or breach of the present terms and conditions for partners on the part of the partner.
    In the case of the event type "Sale": The user accepts the delivery of the goods at the shipping destination, makes the payment in full and the legally granted cancellation period has expired.
    The event commission in the Dragon Sport System confirmed and thus finally recognized.

5.6. Dragon Sport is under no obligation to remunerate events made through coercion or misrepresentation, as well as events created automatically or by any other manipulation (such as click generators). In such event, Dragon Sport may suspend the Partner's credit balance and charge to the extent of the amount that has already been unlawfully acquired and proven, and credit that amount back to the Advertiser.

5.7. Dragon Sport assures the Partner of the completeness of the achievements recorded in the accounts only in the context of the general technical possibilities of such collection in accordance with the applied tracking system. If technical recording is not possible, e.g. in the case of refusal of cookies by the user of the partner medium, a claim for remuneration arises only with otherwise suitable proof by the partner and acceptance of the proof.

5.8. Dragon Sport reserves the right to offer individual partners participation in a Partner Advertise Partner Program. The Affiliate will receive a percentage of the Dragon Sport Revenue generated by the Sponsored Affiliate in their Affiliate Affiliate Affiliate Program into their Virtual Account. Unless otherwise agreed, the advertising partner is entitled to a 1% percent share of Dragon Sport's revenues in relation to the recruited partner. Higher Commission claims are to negotiate. The commission entitlement to the Revenue of Referrals expires at the time the Affiliate resolves or deletes its affiliate access to Dragon Sport, or is suspended or terminated by Dragon Sport for violations of applicable law. This applies regardless of whether the advertising partner re-establishes affiliate access at Dragon Sport at a later date.

5.9. Upon request, Dragon Sport will prepare a statement for the partner as soon as the fee exceeds 10, - Euros and send them by e-mail.

5.10. The creation of a credit to the partner by Dragon Sport takes place exclusively in PDF format electronically via e-mail. In addition, the documents will be made available for download in the customer login area of ​​Dragon Sport ( The partner can always see his transactions in the partner login area of ​​Dragon Sport ( The partner expressly waives the postal mailing of the credits.

5.11. The commission can be redeemed for products from this shop ( or for products from the Dragon Sport online shop at The virtual account balance at Dragon Sport will be reduced accordingly. Remuneration is based on the virtual account. Pending (unconfirmed) commissions are not taken into account.

5.12. Sales tax is only considered or possibly paid to the partner if he has submitted suitable proof of his right to deduct input tax. This is to be renewed annually. If the partner does not renew this proof, another payment may be made without VAT. A subsequent change is possible, but there are corresponding processing fees.

5.13. Balances on partner accounts are not interest-bearing. A credit balance of the partner expires in the time limit specified in § 195 BGB, if the partner account is inactive or a compensation is not executable.

6. Liability of the partner

The Partner indemnifies Dragon Sport from all claims for damages, liability claims and any costs incurred by Dragon Sport as a result of its partner acting in breach of duty or contract.

7. Liability of Dragon Sport

7.1. Dragon Sport will take the usual effort in the Internet industry to ensure that the online system remains available 24 hours a day. Exceptions to this are interruptions which are customary for necessary maintenance measures or which are the fault of third parties not affiliated with Dragon Sport. Should the online system fail, Dragon Sport will immediately strive to restore availability as much as possible. The Parties acknowledge that in exceptional cases a small number of transactions can not be recorded or logged by the online system. A claim against Dragon Sport by the partner does not exist from this.

7.2. Dragon Sport can not be held liable for force majeure or events beyond the control of Dragon Sport (such as force of nature, war, viruses). Dragon Sport is therefore not liable for the resulting disruption or destruction of data. It is up to the partner to make corresponding backup copies. A technical backup of the data by Dragon Sport takes place i.d.R. weekly.

7.3. Dragon Sport does not guarantee sales.

7.4. Dragon Sport is not liable for damages resulting from the breach of the data update obligation (see § 2.7). If this results in damage at Dragon Sport, it must be replaced by the partner in full.

7.5. Dragon Sport is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of the content, the quality of the goods and services and for the fact that these services do not violate the rights of third parties. Dragon Sport makes no warranty for damages resulting from the defectiveness of the software or the hardware of the parties as well as the availability or functionality of the internet.

7.6. Dragon Sport shall only be liable for damages other than those resulting from injury to life, body or health insofar as these are based on intentional or grossly negligent acts or on culpable violation of a material contractual obligation by Dragon Sport, its employees or its vicarious agents. This also applies to damages resulting from the breach of obligations during contract negotiations as well as from the taking of unauthorized actions. Any further liability for damages is excluded.

7.7. The liability is except for intentional or grossly negligent behavior, the violation of a cardinal obligation or the injury of life, body and health by Dragon Sport, their employees or their agents in the contract typical foreseeable damage and incidentally the amount of the contract typical Average damages limited, but not more than the average performance-related remuneration of half a year of the contracting party. This also applies to indirect damages, in particular lost profits.

7.8. The provisions of the Product Liability Law remain unaffected.

7.9. Should the Partner incur damage as a result of Dragon Sport's misconduct, the Partner is entitled and required to assert all claims resulting therefrom, in particular information, injunctive relief and compensation claims.

8. Privacy

8.1. Dragon Sport is entitled to collect, process and store the personal data of the partner. The applicable data protection regulations are complied with.

8.2. Dragon Sport is also entitled to disclose the data deposited by the Partner in the Dragon Sport Online System to external service providers for purposes of address and data validation and credit check. The applicable data protection regulations are complied with.

8.3. The stored data will be used exclusively for the settlement of the contract between the parties. Further use, e.g. for purposes of advertising or market research, does not take place. With the complete processing of the contract, the data of the contracting party are blocked and permanently deleted after expiration of the legal deadlines. The data is then no longer available for further use.

8.4. If the Partner desires a complete deletion of his data, he will use Dragon Sport's support provided on the website.

8.5. Dragon Sport is entitled to take and use all necessary technical measures to ensure the maintenance of the network and to detect possible misuse. § 110 TKG applies mutatis mutandis.

9. Change

9.1. Changes to the terms and conditions for partners are possible at any time and are announced with a notice period of two weeks. They will be made available by e-mail and through the online system.

9.2. If there is no express, written objection within the period of notice, the new terms and conditions for partners are deemed accepted.

9.3. If an explicit, written objection, then the contractual relationship is deemed to be terminated i.S.d. of §10.1.

10. Termination

10.1. The contract can be terminated at any time by any contracting party.

10.2. The termination by a partner can only be done in paper form (original letter or by fax), a termination by e-mail is excluded. Cancellation by Dragon Sport does not require written form and may, in particular, be made by e-mail.

10.3. The right to extraordinary termination remains §10.1. unaffected.

10.4. In the event of termination, the Affiliate must remove all advertising materials within 48 hours. This does not release the partner from his obligation to immediately remove invalid or no longer functional advertising material codes from his advertising platforms.

10.5. Any remaining credit will be reimbursed to the partner after deduction of all costs incurred.

10.6. Dragon Sport has an extraordinary right of termination if there is good cause.

10.7. An important reason exists in particular if the partner does not comply with the regulations of
    §3 ff .: Behavioral obligations
    §4 ff .: Advertising material

10.8. It is irrelevant whether the failure is carried out by the partner himself or by a third party commissioned by the partner.

10.9. Claims for damages and contractual penalty remain unaffected.

11. Contractual penalty

11.1. For each case of the offense against the regulations of
    §3 ff .: Behavioral obligations
    §4 ff .: Advertising material
Dragon Sport and the partner agree a penalty of 5,001, - EUR per case.

11.2. It does not matter whether the infringement is committed by the Affiliate itself or by a third party appointed by the Affiliate.

12. publicity

The Partner agrees to a publication of such facts in the form of press releases or corporate news.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1. German law applies excluding the UN sales law.

13.2. If the partner is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or special fund under public law, or has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or resides abroad after conclusion of the contract or his domicile is not known at the time the action is brought, the place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for the disputes arising from our contract 46325 Borken / Westphalia.

13.3. For the contract exclusively these terms and conditions apply to partners. Other conditions do not become part of the contract, even if Dragon Sport does not expressly oppose them.

13.4. Changes or additions to this contract must be made in writing in order to be effective. Dragon Sport employees are not authorized to make verbal changes or additions or give verbal assurances.

13.5. In case of litigation between the parties, the German version of the contract shall prevail.

14. Severability clause

Should provisions of this contract be or become invalid within the meaning of case law in Germany, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. In place of the ineffective provisions or to fill in gaps, an appropriate regulation should come into effect, which comes closest to what the contracting parties wanted.

Heiden, November 2017